Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sept, 1957: Nehavand Jewish population 1/30

Exclusive … Letter From Teheran Southwestern Jewish Press, September 20, 1957  by Ernest Michel, West Coast Rep. of the U.J.A. [Scroll down to find this article from page 4.]
TEHERAN, August, 1957 — Yizchak Sadeh is about 28 years old, has a dark complexion and looks more like an Iranian than a Jew [sic].  He is a Hebrew school teacher in the community of Nehavand, which is some 300 kilometers from Teheran.
Yaz Dion is accompanying Mr. Sadeh on a very important mission to the office of the American Joint Distribution Committee in Tehran.
I am sitting in the office of Mr. Maurice Lipian, Deputy Director for the JDC, or more popularly known as the “Joint,” when the two men enter.
They have come all the way from their community of Nehavand to discuss what is for them a very vital problem.  Nehavand has a population of some 30,000 of whom approximately 1000 are Jews.