Monday, July 2, 2012

Inviting Iran's Mr. Rahimi to the next meeting of JACS

JACS: Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent Persons, and - Similar "Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically-dependent-persons, and Significant-others" offers writings about Judaism and recovery. Includes a list of below are autonomous Jewish Recovery Meetings, as ...

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Encouraging and assisting Jewish alcoholics, chemically dependent persons and their families, friends and associates to explore recovery in a nurturing Jewish environment; تشویق و کمک به از الکلی یهودی، از نظر شیمیایی وابسته به افراد و خانواده های آنان، دوستان و همکاران برای کشف بازیابی در یک محیط یهودی پرورش؛

(New York Times) Iran’s Vice President Rahimi Makes Anti-Semitic Speech By THOMAS ERDBRINK The speech by Mohammad-Reza Rahimi, “The Islamic Republic of Iran will pay for anybody who can research and find one single Zionist who is an addict,” Mr. Rahmini said. “They do not exist. This is the proof of their involvement in drugs trade.”
June 26, 2012, Tuesday