Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Responses outside of Iran to June 2009 Elections: Rally, Demonstration, Vigil, March, Protest, "solidarieta con"

Caution: Consider googling an entry you wish to attend to research who is sponsoring the gathering. Be aware that even in free speech areas a permit may be required. Anyone interested enough in your presence should be wise enough to answer your queries. See also article via NIAC on

Where to find scheduled gatherings: July 25th Global Day of Action events from Amsterdam to Zurich , http://protests.sharearchy.com/ , http://docs.google.com/View?id=dgdt5wfz_3kgdw9gfc , http://iran.whyweprotest.net/world-wide-protest-planning/ , http://www.erosdiscordia.com/

Facebook groups demonstrations, Stand with the Demonstrators , SUPPORT PROTESTS AND PEOPLE OF IRAN!!!, 100 Million Facebook members for Democracy in Iran
41 cities via Facebook group Where is my Vote Retrieved 17 June. email contacts (unverified): standgreenwithiran AT gmail.com, listed on Facebook

Other cities: http://whereismyvote09.blogspot.com/ feeds site in Farsi

July 02 Thursday's List
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June 29 Monday's List
June 28 Sunday's List
June 27 Saturday's List
June 26 Friday’s Worldwide Iran Protest List is a more updated list than mine (but hey, I'm trying to alphabetize)

from twitter's Stephanie and Facebook and my meanderings on-line
========= some updated 2 July

INNSBRUCK protest: Thurs, 6/25, 16:30-19:30, Landhausplatz

MELBOURNE vigil: Sun, 6/28, 16:30-18:30, City Square, Swanston St. & Collins St. ; silent march: Thurs, 6/25, 10am, Flinders Street Railway Station (clock end)
SYDNEY candlelight vigil: Sun, 6/28, 5pm, Sydney Opera House ; Iran protest: Sun, June 28, 4pm, Sydney Town Hall steps

LONDON protest: Friday June 26, 12:30-1:30pm, Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 16 Princes Gate, London SW7 1PT (parallel to Kensington Road, not far from the Royal Albert Hall). (google search) (twitter link listing of persecuted Iranian minorities is disconcertingly incomplete --mkg)

BANGLADESH - DHAKA Wed, 6/24, 5:30pm, National Museum Gate, Shabagh, Dhaka

BURNABY, BC protest: Wed, 6/24, noon- 2p, Freedom Square, SFU (Burnaby campus), 8888 University Drive
CALGARY protest, Friday June 26th at 7pm, City Hall (unver. link)
LONDON, (ON) protest: Fri, June 26, noon-3p, London City Hall, 300 Dufferin Avenue

OTTAWA protest, Sunday, June 28th, 11am ; Friday June 26, Noon-2pm, Iranian Embassy, 245 Metcalfe St.
TORONTO protest: Friday, June 26, 6pm, Mel Lastman Sq. (N. York subway station), (unverified link); march.Tuesday, June 23, 2009 Time: 8:00pm - 10:00pm Location: Gole Sorkh (6184 Yonge Street) to Mel Lastman Square (and back)
VANCOUVER, BC protest: Thurs, 6/25, 21:30-22:00; vigil: Wed, 6/24, 9:30pm, Vancouver Art Gallery (north side), W. Georgia & Howe St.
Windsor (June 22 and photos)

HELSINKI, FINLAND protest: Thurs, 6/25, 15:00, Parliament (eduskunta)

PARIS, FRANCE protest: Sun, 6/28, 16:00-19:00, Ambassade d'Iran, Place d'Iéna Paris 16ème
Paris : Marche de Solidarité avec l’Iran, dimanche 28 juin 2PM to 5PM 14:00-17:00, Place de la Bastille vers Nation ; (21 June, 33 MB photos )

GERMANY - Deutschland
BERLIN vigil: Sun, 6/28, 18:30-00:00, Berliner Dom Berliner Museumsinsel, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße
BOCHUM, : Freitag 26. Juni, 17.00-19.00, Iran Demo, Dr.-Ruhr-Platz
KOLN, GERMANY protest Thurs 6/25, 21:30 Köln Domplatz
HAMBURG candlelight vigil: Thurs, 6/25, 21:00, Jungfernstieg, Binnenalster

TEL-AVIV Iran demo: Sat 6/27, 7:55-22:00, Rabin Sq. on Facebook נפגשים במוצאי שבת 27 ליוני בכיכר רבין we will meet after shabbat --mkg

MILAN / MILANO Protest / "solidarieta con": Friday June 26, 6-8pm, Piazza Diaz Facebook via Google
ROME / ROMA Candlelight vigil: Friday June 26, 7-11pm, Piazza Barberini "in silenzio con le nostre candele" google postings

LISBON / LISBOA Iran vigil: Sun 6/28, 20:30-24:00, Praça Luis de Camões
LISBON / LISBOA Irão Velas Vigil: Dom. 28/6, 20:30-24:00, Praça Luis de Camões

COPENHAGEN, Denmark Iran demo: Sunday night June 28th, 17:00 @ Rådhuspladsen
København, Danmark Iran demo: søndag aften den 28 juni, 17:00 @ Rådhuspladsen
MALMOE rally: Sun, 6/28, 17:00, Stortorget
STOCKHOLM Iran demo: Sunday, June 28, 15:00-18:00, Sergels Torg
SUNDSVALL protest: Friday 26 June 2009, 17:00, Torget

SWITZERLAND - ZURICH protest: Wed, 6/24, 18:30, Helvetiaplatz

ISTANBUL Iran rally per eros demonstration per twitter : 6/28, 6-8p, Konsulgari Iran, Sultanahmet; Taksim Meydani


Atlanta protest Sunday July 5th at 4-7PM ; rally Sun 6/28, @ CNN Center, 4-7pm, bring green balloon! FRIDAY, JUNE 26, 6:30 pm, Lenox Square Mall (Corner of Peachtree & Lenox)
Austin (17 June)
BATON ROUGE, LA protest Sun 6/28, 2-4pm, Louisiana State Capitol, 900 N 3rd St ; Wed, June 24, 8-9p, LSU, Speech Alley- In front of student union building

BOSTON protest, Sun 5 July, 11AM-1PM, Copley Square, Boston, MA
Boston (20 June, 16 June)

CHICAGO: Iranian Solidarity Rally Thur July 2, Noon @ Federal Plaza, Dearborn & Adams
Chicago, IL candlelight vigil Wed June 24, 8:30PM: Candle light vigil at Water Tower Square in (Michigan and Pearson) (16 June)

College Station, TX TEXAS A&M protest: Friday, June 26, 8:30-9p

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO protest: Fri, 6/26, 5pm-7pm, Acacia Park (look for Lion, Sun, & Sword), Nevada & Tejon

DAVIS (CA) Iran protest vigil: Thurs 7/2, 8-10pm, Central Park (4th & C Streets)

DENVER, CO demonstration: Thurs, 6/25, 7pm-9pm, Capitol Building, 200 E. Colfax Ave.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL rally per eros or march per twitter: 6/28, 5-7:30p, Yankee Clipper Hotel, 1140 Seabreeze

HOUSTON, TX rally: 6/28, 8-8:50pm, Water Wall (Galleria), 2800 Post Oak Blvd. Thurs, 6/25, 11am, 1333 West Loop S # 1300

INDIANAPOLIS protest: Wed, 6/24, 8:30-10p, White River St. Pk., Celebration Plaza, 801 W Wash. St, no flags
Irvine CA (19 June and photos)

KNOXVILLE, TN rally: Thurs, 6/25, 5pm-10pm, Market Square

Houston (19 June)
Lansing, MI (original link 6PM 23 June )

LAS VEGAS, NV candellight vigil Thurs 7/2, 7:30-10:30p, Las Vegas Blvd and Sahara

LOS ANGELES, CA in the Valley protest (Wed, 6/24) 6pm-10pm, Ventura Boulevard & Sepulveda Boulevard

LOS ANGELES, CA in Westwood : Iran protest: Sun 6/28, 2pm , & 11:00am - 6:00pm
Support People of Iran in their cause for democracy and freedom and abolishment of theocracy in Iran. Rally starts at 11:00 am with a march to British and French consulates at 2:00 pm. Please wear white, the color of Ancient Iran and a color in Iranian flag. (via Facebook)
LA protest NIGHTLY: vigil: Sun, 6/28, 7pm-10pm via twitter,
THERE can't really be three rallies--My bet is on the 2PM ==mkg
Friday, June 26 and continuing, 7p, Thurs, 6/25, (6/24), 7pm-10:30pm, Federal Building, 11000 Wilshire Blvd & Veteran Los Angeles (14 June)

MILWAUKEE, WI demonstration: Thurs, 6/25, 7pm-9pm, City Hall, Water St. & Wells St.

MONTCLAIR, NJ protest: Wed 6/24, 8-10:15p, Church St. Stage, S. Fullerton, wear green, brng candles/posters
MINNEAPOLIS, MN vigil: Wed, 6/24, 9pm, Peavey Plaza, Nicollet & 11th, **NIGHTLY

NEW YORK, NY protest in Lower Manhattan: Wed, 6/24, 7pm-10pm, Union Square, 14th St.
New York, NY in Manhattan Thurs, 6/25, 10am-10pm, United Nations, 140 East 45th Street

OAHU, HI gathering/vigil: Sun, 6/28, 8pm-9pm, Kahala Mall (Starbucks) **Wear green

ORLANDO, FL candlelight vigil: Thurs, 6/25, 7:30pm-9pm, Lake Eola (Downtown)

Pittsburgh, PA Sun June 28, 3PM, Schenley Drive in Oakland, near Hillman Library (23 June)

Portland, Oregon (7 PM 23 June) Rally to support "FREE IRAN" 7pm in Pioneer Square (downtown PDX)
Sacramento, CA solidarity rally: Wed, 6/24, 6-8pm, Intersection of Sunrise Blvd & Greenback Ln.
Salt Lake City ( 17? June)
San Francisco, CA (23 June)
SAN DIEGO, CA rally: (no flags) Thursday, 7/2; Wed, 6/24; (17 June 09) 7:30pm, Federal Building (Downtown), Broadway & 880 Front St.,
NOTE: Craigslist links usually are wiped clean in a week Retrieved on 16 June.

SAN JOSE Iran hunger strike: 7/2, 4p – 7/4, 12p, City Hall, 200 E Santa Clara St
SAN JOSE, CA vigil: Friday June 26, 7:30pm candlelight vigil: Thurs, 6/25, 7:30pm, Stevens Creek & Winchester (Santana Row)

SEATTLE, WA demonstration: Thurs, 6/25, 6pm, Bellevue Way & NE 4th St. (Bellevue, WA)

STATE COLLEGE, PA candlelight vigil: Fri, 6/26, 7pm-9pm, Old Main patio, Penn State Campus

Tampa, FL Candlelight vigil: Friday June 26, 7:30-9pm, Bayshore Blvd (23 June)

TWIN CITIES, MINNESOTA Wed, 6/24, 11:30am-1:30pm, Hennepin County Government Center Plaza . per Stephanie on twitter, : no flags/slogans/pictures in support of any one group/person that may offend

Washington, DC (College Park) http://bit.ly/aDPQj July 2nd 2009 6:30 pm-8:30 pm University of MD Teach-in to be moderated by Persian studies director.

Washington, DC Thurs 7/2, 9:15PM, Dupont Circle, candlelight vigil in memory of Neda and other fallen freedom fighters; no signs, no slogans, no flags. from Facebook:
Per our legal permit from the National Park Service, please adhere to these terms (6/25)
Washington, DC protest: CANCELLED Sun 6/28, 11am-5pm, Fri, 6/26, 7pm-10pm, Thurs, 6/25, 6pm, Iran Interests Section, 2209 Wisconsin Ave NW 2007 googlemap
23 June
, 21 June , 15 and 17 June, 14 June

WILLOW GLEN, CA protest: Wed, 6/24, 6-10p, In front of Willow Glen Elementary, Lincoln &
Minnesota, downtown