Monday, June 15, 2009

May 1989 Tiannamen or Nov 1989 Berlin

Associated Press diagram of government division of power in Iran

News from Iran with English Keyword Embassy or Embassies

Washington, DC NIAC policy conference (17 June AM)

Diaspora organizations in the US: NIAC

Lists of tweeters from Iran (7 as retrieved on 16 June). Guide to reliable tweeting. Guide to unreliable tweeters.

election unrest blog from US Council
According to NIAC, this is Mir Hossein Mousavi's Facebook page میر حسین موسوی asks for more proxy servers used by tweeters to be emailed rather than posted,2933,526425,00.html

This is supposed to be from English speakers in Iran,_2009
1:52 PM ET -- Mousavi speaks at the rally @naseemfaqihi translation of @Mirriaam tweeter from Tehran: "everything until now has been good, about 1 mil people"about 4 hours ago from web

16 June speech "either way"
White House's transcript of Obama's Iran remarks youtube search
Low band-width comments from politico

Reuters: What Would Reagan Do?