Friday, June 6, 2008

Transliteration Codes (for Dr. Atefeh's class)

Transliteration codes for Persian 101/102, Summer 2008 intensive Persian at LARC/SDSU (text + music)

In this course, as long transliteration is needed the following codes will be used:
Deep aa as in “car” : alef in آب is presented by aa ( double a): aab
Short a as alef in “dad” is presented by a (single “a” fathe or zebra in Persian): دَر dar
The letter خ with kh as خانه khaaneh , with gh as قند ghand ,
To represent the represent the o sound as in go (zammeh or pish in Persian ) we use the o : گل flower: gol
The e sound as the initial sound in "elbow" is represented by e ( kasreh or zir in Persian) : khaane خانِه
The letter ژ as in Dr. Zhivago is presented by zh. or in the word ژاله or zhaale
The sound i as the English word “in” is presented by i: Iran ایران
The sound y as in the English word “ youth” is represented by y : یک yek ( one)
The sound oo as in soon is presented by و as in بو ( smell) : Boo. In case this sound occurs at the start of a word is represented by او as in اوشون ( a place next to Tehran) :ooshoon
The diphthong or glide is represented by y as as in آمریکایی aamrikaayee/
میل meyl = desire ( as in the word “fail”)
دولَت = dowlat as in the English work “row”

To help your remember the grammar constructs of :
1) possession which is presented by phonetic sign, we will used é : naané man : my bread = نان ِ من
2) verb to be which is presented by the letter “h” ه in Persian we will use eh as:
این آبه in aabeh
حالت چطوره؟ haalet chetowreh?