Sunday, January 17, 2010

American Jews seek to understand the relationship between the States of Israel and Iran and to express their thoughts

Interested people met on 17 January 2010 at the Israel Advocacy Training Institute- Spotlight Iran to learn how to express their opinions.

There was a workshop where participants learned how to sign up for twitter accounts so they could tweet their congressional representatives.

There was another workshop where participants learned which Protestant denominations have bishops, so they would know who in a particular chruch hierarchy to write to to express their opinions.

All participants received the addresses of the Congressional Offices for the 8 Maryland Representatives and two senators; for the three Virginia representatives and two senators; and for the lone Washington, DC Representative so that they could mail their written opinions.

All participants received an excerpt from the New York Times (23 May 2004), written by its Letter Editor, Thomas Feyer, with his feedback to all readers on how he selects letters to be published (or not.)

For $18, they could have at least invited someone representing Iran to provide some input !